E.ON's UK business has announced it is carrying out a seismic survey in the East Riding of Yorkshire, in northeastern England, to assess its suitability for the possible development of a gas storage facility.

The seismic survey, which will be conducted for E.ON UK by IMC Geophysics International, will take place mainly on agricultural land between Roos and Withernwick, and will be carried out during May.

It’s very early days with regard to our investigations but we were keen to let local people know what was going on before the survey actually began, says Derick Cottell, engineering manager.

We’re keen to keep everyone as informed as possible as we assess whether the area would be suitable for a potential salt cavern gas storage site.

During the survey work, local residents may see lines of geophones, which are special microphones used to monitor sound waves ‘reflected’ off geological formations, connected by cables being laid out across the fields and large vibroseis trucks working their way down the lines.

The trucks are used to introduce sound waves into the ground through a large metal plate, E.ON says.