Cupertino Electric (CEI) said it is installing a new 230kV transmission line to interconnect a new substation serving a 200MW solar power plant in Imperial Valley, California, US.

After its scheduled completion by the end of 2013, the transmission will span five miles and interconnect a new 230kV substation on the 2,000-acre solar project site in California.

CEI will also provide union electrical subcontracting services on the 200MW solar photovoltaic project.

By 2013, the utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant is anticipated to produce energy for over 240,000 households.

CEI energy infrastructure division manager Scott Mitchell said that the project will have positive impact at both the local and state level.

"While it’s great to be recognized for our overhead expertise and ability to help build-out the renewable energy infrastructure in California, we are most excited about our ability to employ so many people locally who can help us make a lasting and positive effect on the environment," Mitchell added.