The research project ‘Watt Buster’, which is funded by Chugach and a matching grant from the Alaska Energy Authority, will be monitoring electric, gas and air quality systems at 30 commercial buildings.

Each home will receive a monitor that records energy use and displays feedback on energy consumption. Through a web portal and a small counter-top display device, participants will be able to see how much power they are using, the cost, and compare energy consumption with their previous consumption.

After the trial period, data about participants’ energy use will be compiled and compared to the same months in previous years.

Rebecca Logan, board president of Chugach, said: ”Watt Buster is part of SmartPower, Chugach’s long-term initiative to work with our members, utility partners and other energy-related entities to use our resources wisely. We’re very excited about Watt Buster and its potential to help members use energy in their homes more efficiently.”

Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril, said: ”The Watt Buster program will demonstrate what a powerful motivational tool a monitor can be, and the huge benefits that both Chugach and its customers can realize very quickly.

”The key is presenting the customer with a tool that offers an engaging and rewarding experience, such that they incorporate its use into their daily lives and continue to realize extra savings. We believe this partnership and program will do just that.”