China Wind Systems has completed the construction of a new facility in Wuxi City, China, to manufacture high precision rolled rings and other critical components for use in the wind power industry.

The new facility is highly automated with state-of-the-art heat treatment value simulation software, a ‘green’ technology developed by the forging technology section of the Mechanical Engineering Institute, a research organization that helps the company’s machines operate with high heating efficiency.

Some of the equipment already purchased to manufacture the wind energy components includes a 5-meter ring rolling mill and a 6,000-ton oil press. China Wind Systems plans to purchase additional equipment during phase two and three of its expansion.

In phase two, the company intends to manufacture rolled rings with diameters of greater than 5 meters. In phase three, the company intends to manufacture other wind mill components such as turbine leafs.

The new manufacturing facility measures 107,639 square feet and its initial construction was completed in August 2007.