CEZ Shperndarje, a unit of Czech's CEZ Group, plans to increase energy imports to 350 megawatt-hours (MWh) per month from August 2012 in a bid to meet growing demand as the weather cools and consumption level rises.

The Albanian company earlier made energy imports of 100MWh last month, reported Reuters.

CEZ was quoted by Reuters as saying the decision comes as part of the steps of CEZ and the Albanian authorities to stabilize the energy situation in Albania.

"The mother-company in Prague has decided to allocate more funds to the Albanian distribution company to be used to secure the energy needed to guarantee uninterrupted supplying with energy," the company said.

CEZ Group also owns and operates the country’s distribution network, reportedly serving around 1.1 million customers.

The group said the Albanian unit is also under contract to import enough energy to make up for network losses in the hydro-dependant nation.