Car Charging Group and Stiles Property Management have collaborated to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging services at AutoNation's headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, US.

As per the partnership, Car Charging Group will install a Level ll, 240V charging station for EVs.

The charging station will be housed on the first floor of the AutoNation Building’s parking garage at 200 Las Olas Circle.

The EV charging station enhances the environmental credentials of the AutoNation Building, which Stiles developed in 2007.

Through Stiles Property Management’s leading sustainability program, the AutoNation Building incorporates energy-efficient features including a computer-operated energy management system that controls air conditioning and heating while monitoring indoor air quality, electricity-reducing technologies, water-conserving plumbing fixtures and the use of low VOC-emitting paints and sealants.

Also, the building management uses advanced recycling systems and green cleaning products that are environmentally safe, Green Seal Certified and bio-renewable, the company said.

US based Charging Group is an owner and provider of EV charging stations.