The board of supervisors rejected a proposed franchise fee increase that would have increased the residential customers’ costs by $2.40 to $4.30 a year to help fund studies.

Unincorporated areas of the El Dorado county are served by a half-dozen refuse haulers.

Supervisor Jack Sweeney said that it’s time for the county to break with past practices that included routinely renewing franchise contracts.

I’ve watched us stumble for 20 years, Sweeney said. I want to start over.

But Sweeney said that the county can’t develop new agreements until it decides what type of facilities and services will be needed in coming years.

Supervisors said that the waste management study will help determine whether to pursue one or two recycling centers, a waste-to-energy plant, or consider joining with neighboring cities and counties in regional facilities.

Gerri Silva, environmental management director, said that a solid-waste working committee, including representatives of other agencies that contract for garbage services, businesses and the community, will work with Environmental Management to research and identify waste options.

Several members of the citizens group Residents Involved in Positive Planning have asked the board of supervisors to exercise more control over waste management operations and pursue facilities that would generate revenue and jobs in the county.

I think you’re on the right track, Leonard Stroud, president of the citizens planning group, told the board Tuesday. There are a number of people in the community who are exceptionally knowledgable in this business.