Through its Bullfrog Builds Renewable Accelerator Program, Bullfrog Power will provide financing for a 24-panel solar installation on The Deanery Project’s eco-learning space in Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia, that will generate clean, pollution-free renewable electricity for the grid.

"Because of its strong environmental leadership and focus on education, The Deanery Project is the perfect choice for the first Bullfrog Builds project in Nova Scotia," said Ron Seftel, Senior Vice President, Operations, Bullfrog Power. "Through the support of our customers who bullfrogpower their homes and businesses, we are able to provide critical financial support to the development of new renewable energy projects here in Nova Scotia and across Canada to help create a cleaner, healthier world."

The 6 kW solar photovoltaic installation on the roof of The Deanery Project’s Main Hall will generate clean, renewable power that runs through a meter into the Nova Scotia Power grid, moving the province closer to meeting the provincial goal of generating 25 per cent of the province’s electricity from renewable sources by 2015. In return, The Deanery Project will receive credit against its own electricity use, significantly reducing operating expenses. Additionally, as a model, environmentally-constructed event space, the Main Hall building also features:

locally sourced, non-toxic, low impact products in all on-site construction projects;
a recently renovated exterior, using locally manufactured Tru-Foam rigid insulation and local FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified board and batten;
a long-lasting metal roof;
interior finishes made of a mix of live edge board and batten from the original construction, recycled wood windows, and natural clay plasters, which help regulate humidity and temperature; and
a nearby solar-powered wood-drying kiln that produces quality wood for high value-added uses like cabinet making.

"This new partnership with Bullfrog Power brings together two organizations committed to finding innovative ways to have a positive impact on our communities," said Kim Thompson, Executive Director, The Deanery Project. "By adding these solar panels, we are taking a building that’s been used by generations of Nova Scotians and turning it into a showcase for renewable energy."