British oil company BP said that production from the Rhum gas field in the central North Sea has been suspended.

The oil company said that production will be suspended until it gets the clarification from the UK Government on certain aspects of the new European Union (EU) regulations concerning restrictive measures against Iran.

This action has been taken in order to ensure compliance with the notification requirements in the regulations.

Rhum gas field is owned by BP (50%) and the Iranian Oil Company (50%) under a joint operating agreement signed in the early 1970s.

BP North Sea regional president Trevor Garlick said that the oil firm’s primary interest is in ensuring it is fully compliant with these regulations.

"However, the conditions required for continued production remain subject to further clarification," Garlick said.

"Once we obtain such clarification from the government, we will review the situation and will take whatever action is appropriate in light of that clarification."