Big Media Group, a Welsh company known for introducing in-store commercial TV services to retail outlets in the UK, has sealed a global licensing deal with one of the world's key players in the digital retail media sector.

Big Media Group currently supplies more than 200 retail outlets with a tailor-made digital retail multi-media broadcast service , branded Big Media. Classed as ‘info-tainment’, the service is relayed to LCD screens located above queue zones in petrol station forecourts and convenience stores. It provides customers with a range of information and entertainment, as well as tailored in-store advertising messages and special promotions.

The Big Media service was only launched in January but has proved so successful that the group has now signed a five-year agreement with TELentice Global, the company that developed and owns the software that runs the digital network

Under the agreement, Big Media Group has exclusive rights to re sell TELentice systems within the retail petroleum forecourt and convenience store markets around the world.

Although still relatively new in the UK, this highly targeted advertising medium is growing at a phenomenal rate. According to research quoted by the Welsh Assembly government, advertising revenue from this media currently stands at GBP20 million in the UK but has the potential to reach GBP290 million a year.

Using the Big Media model, retailers pay a small weekly rental fee for a fully managed service that includes hardware, software, installation, maintenance, communications, content production and a scheduling service. In return they get 15 minutes airtime an hour for their own promotions plus a guaranteed 50% net share of all advertising revenues generated from local and national business.

Big Media is taking full advantage of a new emerging market and now has the opportunity to internationalize its business, commented Andrew Davies, Welsh minister for enterprise innovation and networks. Their success also illustrates how an innovative technology based company can compete on a global scale regardless of location.

Working with TELentice, Big Media Group is now actively pursuing clients in Taiwan, the US, Spain, Australia and South Africa. The company’s target within the next two years is to supply 2,000 forecourt and 2,000 convenience stores. Big media group is also targeting other sectors including pharmacies, opticians, fast food outlets, post offices and banks.