The Australian government has started a new feed-in tariff in the Australian Capital Territories (ACT). According to the new tariff, homeowners in ACT will receive a premium of 3.88 times the current market rate for their solar power for 20 years. The scheme will pay between 50.05c/kWh for solar power from solar systems up to 10 kilowatt (kW) and 40.04c/kWh for systems up to 30 kW.

ACT’s new program is based on a gross model, under the terms of which all electricity generated benefits from the premium rate whereas in other states, the net model applies, whereby only electricity generated surplus to the consumption of the particular building being supplied is eligible for the rebate.

Systems over 30 kW capacity will have to wait for the government to decide on a tariff system. Though the council Of Australian governments met to discuss the matter of establishing a feed-in tariff program for the entire country only a few months ago, there has been little development of the issue since the meeting.