The tidal power project developer will leverage the expertise of the French specialist marine engineering company. It will take its advice on how to build a supply chain plan that will cover the manufacture, assembly and distribution of the tidal turbines along with foundations and related logistics and transportation.

Innosea marine engineering CEO Hakim Mouslim said: “Atlantis tidal turbine systems are leading the tidal industry right now. We believe that there is great potential for Atlantis’ commercial projects in France.

“Therefore, building an industrial and local supply chain plan is crucial for the success of projects in France. Our country has strong industry partners which we have identified for Atlantis in order to maximize the industrial local content.”

Five regions in Bretagne, Aquitaine, Normandy, Hauts-de-France and Pays-de-la-Loire regions feature in the partners’ plans for the supply chain.

The Singapore firm stated that its cooperation with the Nantes-based Innosea will be important for providing front-end engineering of new arrays in tidal races including the Raz Blanchard site in Normandy.

Atlantis has a partnership with Innosea in the UK as well, where it is working with the French firm on the multi-turbine array MeyGen Phase 1B delivery in northern Scotland.

Atlantis CEO Tim Cornelius said: “The success we have worked so hard for at MeyGen has provided our team with knowledge, expertise and lessons learned that can translate directly to project sites such as Raz Blanchard.

“Government agencies and key suppliers want access to our know-how so that the tidal power industry can rapidly grow, creating long term prosperity for regions blessed with local resource capacity. We have an established track record of domestic supply chain integration, job creation and the stimulation of direct private sector investment.”

Atlantis has revealed that the future work of the partners will be on the requirements of the AR1500 tidal turbine.