Areva said that, this announcement is underpinned by E.ON’s announcement that it is creating a joint UK-based team with staff from Areva and Siemens with the intention of taking forward the development of at least two European pressurized reactors (EPRs) in the UK. It is further underpinned by Areva’s partnership with EDF for the EPR’s Generic Design Assessment process.

As part of this action plan Areva has reached agreements with engineering major Balfour Beatty and power engineering company Rolls-Royce. The agreements cover engineering, manufacturing and construction.

Areva and its partners will identify the UK’s industrial site, the local skills and resources required to deliver a fleet of EPRs and develop an upskilling program. All these will have must be made in the next 12 months to ensure project delivery, said Areva.

Luc Oursel, president and CEO of Areva NP, said: “The UK new build program could be as large as 20GW to 25GW. E.ON, like EDF, has decided to participate in this program. That is why we start to forge the UK industrial site to ensure good infrastructure to realize our UK EPR projects.”

Areva offers its customers technological services for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. The company also works to contribute to CO2-free power generation and electricity transport that are cleaner, safer and more economic.