According to the company sources, the company is looking forward to connect a second 345,000-volt line from the east-west running Clinton to Latham line eight miles north of Decatur to a substation close to Oreana. The second line is perceived as a solution to protect against the high power usage or in case of a big power outages in the event of catastrophe, as the Cundiff Road and Illinois substations help only supply the power to the Decatur area.

The cost for the project, which is supposed to have the maximum voltage limit, is not expected to affect the utility rates for the Ameren customers. If approved, the construction would begin in the year 2013 and would get over by 2014.

Leigh Morris,the Ameren spokesman, said: “Nobody wants a transmission line in their living room. We don’t want to take any more land out of production than is necessary.”