Alstom has delivered e-terramarket calculation software for the Flow Based Market Coupling project in the Central Western Europe (CWE).

electric market

The Alstom’s e-terramarket solution is designed to ensure optimal use of available electricity while reducing transmission congestion, thus providing transparency for network operators.

It will support the single European electricity market vision by optimizing the use of available electricity among Transmission Service Operators (TSO) in Europe, participating in the project.

The project also intends to reduce price differentials by taking into account all the relevant physical transmission grid constraints and the impacts of cross-border electricity exchanges.

Being implement by jointly by CWE TSOs and power exchanges, the project also facilitates integration of renewable energies into power supply.

Alstom estimates the flow based market coupling method to offer a saving of up to €100M per year.

Alstom Grid network management solutions vice-president Karim El Naggar said: "Alstom’s proven strong expertise in network analytics and optimisation techniques, as well as its experience with ENTSO-E standards compliance, has helped establish the company physical-financial market solution leadership in Europe and around the world."

The project initially connects the northwest European region to neighboring markets and significantly to all over Europe.

The transmission system operators include Amprion, Creos Luxembourg, Elia System Operator, EnBW Transnet, RTE and TenneT TSO while the member countries supporting the project include Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Image: The flow based market coupling method is expected to save up to €100M per year. Photo: courtesy of ALSTOM.