US-based Air Liquide Inc has outlined its plans for a new carbon dioxide liquefaction plant in the California central valley.

The plant will be located in Tulare County capture carbon dioxide gases from an ethanol plant owned by Calgren Renewable Fuels, and consequently purify and liquefy the gas to meet beverage grade specifications for the manufacturing industries in the region.

The new 450-ton facility will join the company’s five other industrial gas liquefaction plants in the state.

Air Liquide Industrial president Mark Lostak noted, "Today’s announcements signify Air Liquide’s continued commitment to growth in California and, most importantly, high quality products and service to customers throughout the region."

The company also plans to expand its Wilmington carbon dioxide plant by increasinh plant capacity and storage.

Liquid carbon dioxide provides manufacturers the benefit of quickly freezing and preserving their products while maintaining safe temperatures that improve quality in certain manufacturing processes.