Aecon Group subsidiary Aecon Atlantic Industrial Inc. has won a contract from Black Rock Tidal Power Inc. (BRTP) in a highly competitive bidding process to fabricate its TRITON S40 tidal power platform – the first full-scale fabrication of this technology in the world.

The instream tidal device will be installed in the Bay of Fundy in 2017.

BRTP’s tidal-current energy technology uses forty SIT 250 turbines from Schottel Hydro mounted on the TRITON, with overall capacity of 2.5MW. The TRITON has been developed to be easily brought to the surface allowing for easy maintenance access, while the use of multiple small turbines together with TRITON’s maintenance approach also helps to reduce both capital and maintenance costs

"Aecon is pleased to be working on this significant tidal energy project with Black Rock Tidal Power, and we are confident this project will showcase Aecon’s experience and best-in-class facilities in Nova Scotia," said Mark Scherer, Executive Vice President, Aecon Energy.

BRTP is one of only five companies from around the world awarded a demonstration site at FORCE, Canada’s leading research centre for instream tidal energy located in the Bay of Fundy.

"Our team is on the leading edge with this innovative technology and we are excited to be working with Aecon and many other Nova Scotia companies to show the world the benefits of tidal power," added BRTP’s General Manager Nils Hirsch.

Images: TRITON in both the operation and maintenance positions.

TRITON in operation mode

TRITON in maintenance position