Power and automation technology group ABB has won orders worth more than $50m from German transmission system operator TenneT to provide maintenance services for grid connection of offshore wind farms located in the North Sea off the coast of Germany.

The company is responsible for maintaining the HVDC Light connections of TenneT’s BorWin1 and DolWin1 wind projects to the German grid on the mainland.

It will also maintain the land- and sea-based HVDC converter stations connecting the wind farms as well as the offshore platforms.

BorWin1 connects an offshore wind farm to the German grid over a 200km long underwater and underground cable route.

The ABB-built link, including onshore and offshore HVDC converter stations, ensures that power harvested from the 400MW BARD Offshore 1 wind park will reach German consumers.

Dolwin1 will connect the 400MW Borkum West II wind farm and other wind farms to be built nearby to the German grid.

The 800MW ABB-built link will include onshore and offshore HVDC converter stations and 165km of underwater and underground DC cables with a rated voltage of 320kV.