Electrical equipment manufacturer ABB is now offering its central inverter PVS800-57B in a new variant of 2MW size.

Following the success of the PVS800 central inverter series, ABB has released an extension to the family – a new high-power central inverter, PVS800-57B, developed on the basis of ABB’s decades of experience in power converter and inverter technology. The new PVS800-57B central inverters, with ratings up to 2 MW, reduce overall system cost of the solar photovoltaic (PV) plants with one of the most compact and easy-to-maintain designs on the market.

The modular direct current (DC) input design combined with a true mirror design provides superior flexibility for system integrators. With a 50 percent higher power density than in the preceding PVS800 models, the new PVS800-57B is one of the most compact inverters on the market both by footprint and volume per kW. This reduces installation and container space and lowers transportation costs. The larger inverter power rating also brings considerable savings on the medium voltage side by allowing larger transformers to be used.

The new ABB central inverters offer a wide operational temperature range, up to 50°C at nominal power ratings of 1645 kW and 1732 kW, and up to 60°C with power derating. This makes the product very suitable for hot climate conditions. At lower temperatures, the central inverter provides up to 20 percent power overloading capability, up to a maximum power output of 1975 kW and 2078 kW at 25°C for 1645 kW and 1732 kW inverters, respectively.

The inverter with a true mirror design and modular DC input section provides system integrators with flexibility in designing the container and the BOS (balance of system) arrangements, especially considering the DC cable type and the number of junction boxes needed. The PVS800-57B central inverter is available as standard with 16 fused busbar inputs, which can be extended up to 24 inputs. Additionally, the DC input section can be provided with integrated DC current measurement per input.

The inverter also includes the standard grid support features of PVS series inverters such as active and reactive power control including night time reactive power support. ABB has developed this inverter with a global mindset to ensure the inverter supports a wide range of local utility requirements through adjustable grid support features, as well as the future smart grids.

The ABB central inverters are designed for multi-megawatt PV power plants. With the ABB central inverter’s certificates and advanced and flexible grid support functions, it is possible to meet all applicable network connection requirements, regardless of the project’s location. To help meet bankability requirements and secure an attractive and sustainable return on investment, ABB supports its customers with a dedicated global service network providing a complete range of life cycle services in more than 60 countries.