The electrolyzer will be used to produce green hydrogen for heavy-duty hydrogen trucks from Hyundai Motor Company, which will begin operation in Switzerland during late 2019. The framework agreement represents the first phase of 60 – 80 MW needed to supply hydrogen for the total expected 1,000 trucks and other applications.

“We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a framework agreement over 30 MW of our Proton PEM® Megawatt platform electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen for the 1,000 trucks being delivered by Hyundai to Switzerland. Hydrospider will be producing and delivering green hydrogen for the Hyundai heavy-duty hydrogen trucks in the required quantity and quality. It is a great pleasure working with H2 Energy, whose core values around clean energy and de-carbonization align so closely with ours,” says David Bow, Senior Vice President of Nel.

The purchase order, which represents the first containerized megawatt Proton PEM electrolyzer delivered by Nel in Europe, has a value exceeding USD 3 million, and will be installed during second half of 2019.

H2 Energy is working together with various partners to establish a nation‐wide network of hydrogen stations and corresponding supply chain in Switzerland. Their target is to develop solutions for application of renewable hydrogen in the maritime, rail, stationary sectors, in addition to hydrogen‐powered commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. H2 Energy is focusing on producing only renewable energy based hydrogen to contribute to the decarbonization of various sectors.

Source: Company Press Release.