As a clean technology company, LiqTech International provides ceramic silicon carbide filtration technologies for gas and liquid purification


(Credit: 后园 卓 from Pixabay)

LiqTech International, a clean technology firm specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced filtration products and systems, has teamed up with Razorback Direct Oilfield Solutions and Services. Based in Houston, Razorback Direct offers consultancy services in water treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Together, they have entered into a distribution agreement aimed at commercialising LiqTech’s innovative filtration solution for treating produced water. This solution facilitates re-injection and reuse of water and also aids in lithium harvest. The distribution agreement covers five states across the US, namely Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Utilising LiqTech’s established ceramic silicon carbide filtration technologies, the company’s produced water treatment solution prioritises tertiary water treatment. Its aim is to enable re-injection and reuse while meeting existing and forthcoming regulatory standards. LiqTech’s inaugural commercial test unit for produced water, launched in May 2022 in the Middle East, has operated successfully for the past two years. The purity of the clean brine (permeate) surpasses the performance benchmarks initially set by the end user. Moreover, the system operates with minimal chemical usage and demonstrates outstanding energy efficiency.

Razorback Direct channels the majority of its Research and Development efforts into advancing the beneficial reuse and recycling of produced water. Their ultimate objective is to reduce Operational Expenditure (OpEx) by implementing highly efficient chemistry-enabled solutions. At the heart of the company’s mission is the responsible stewardship of natural resources, waste reduction, and maximizing the value extraction from subsurface produced resources for oil and gas operators. This partnership with LiqTech significantly bolsters Razorback Direct’s produced water treatment capabilities by integrating highly complementary ceramic ultrafiltration technology.

LiqTech International president and CEO Fei Chen said: “The agreement with Razorback Direct is a critical development to expand our presence in North America by showcasing the benefits of our produced water treatment solution to the oil and gas industry.

“Produced water treatment, and the oil and gas industry in general, are key strategic focus areas for LiqTech, with water increasingly being recognised as a scarce and valuable asset that plays a key role both in terms of overall sustainability, financial success and regulatory compliance. We strongly believe that LiqTech and Razorback Direct are two complementary partners.

“Razorback Direct brings service and operation forces on the ground in the US and solid expertise in helping operators in the oil and gas industry streamline their operations and reduce OpEx costs. Combining this with our proven silicon carbide ceramic filtration technology can make a significant impact in helping operators effectively manage water resources.”