KBC, a UK-based software services provider, has announced the strategic partnership with AVGI, a simulation and optimization software provider for modeling olefin technologies.

The collaboration is aimed at delivering capital efficient plant design and optimisation through end-to-end modeling of integrated oil refining, aromatics, and steam cracking complexes using advanced software solutions.

KBC CEO Andy Howell said: “Integration of COILSIM1D with Petro-SIM will open up a wide range of steady state, online and offline simulation opportunities. Integrated models supporting dynamic real-time optimization will further mitigate the risk in transitioning to more petrochemicals in the product slate.”

KBC intends to extend its engineering simulation capabilities

According to the company, the demand for petrochemicals is growing rapidly, and the International Energy Agency predicts that petrochemicals would occupy more than one third of the growth in oil demand by 2030, and approximately half by 2050.

In addition, using reactor simulations for feedstocks, furnace and coil geometries, and operating conditions are expected to optimise yield and energy.

Under the collaboration, the integration and data exchange between Petro-SIM and COILSIM1D would enable integrated refinery-petrochemical complexes to maximise their profitability.

Petro-SIM is a process simulator that combines data and science through a digital framework which is not only scalable but also accessible to offer the capability to solve problems in real time.

COILSIM1D is a simulation and optimisation software for the ethylene industry. It is designed to increase the profitability of steam crackers and optimising the process, through accurate reactor simulations for a range of feedstocks, furnace and coil geometries, and operating conditions.

AVGI managing director Kevin Van Geem said: “Through our research capabilities with Ghent University, we are continuing our extensive research into steam cracking technologies. We value this new partnership with KBC for expanding industry access to our know-how and intellectual property.

“We know a large proportion of the oil refining industry get a lot of benefit from KBC’s Petro-SIM. Its interoperability with COILSIM1D and use in end-to-end simulation for petrochemicals will unlock even more value for them.”