New 200MWh storage facility among the largest energy storage projects in commercial operation in Texas


Jupiter Power's largest utility-scale battery storage facility to date, Flower Valley II, enters commercial operations in Reeves County, Texas (Credit: analogicus from Pixabay)

Jupiter Power LLC (“Jupiter”) today announced that its Flower Valley II LLC (“Flower Valley II”), a battery energy storage facility located in Reeves County, Texas, has commenced commercial operations.

Flower Valley II, Jupiter’s first transmission connected project, is a 100-megawatt (MW) energy storage facility, consisting of 200-megawatt hours (MWh) of duration capacity. Flower Valley II is among the largest energy storage projects in commercial operation in Texas, providing power to the ERCOT grid for use by Texas consumers of all types and sizes, both through energy capacity and grid-firming ancillary services. The 100MW Flower Valley II facility translates to enough power to meet the electricity needs of 20,000 homes at peak demand in Texas.

Flower Valley II adjoins Flower Valley I, an existing distribution-connected Jupiter battery energy storage facility. Together, Flower Valley I and Flower Valley II represent a combined investment of more than $70 million in Reeves County.  Jupiter has two other transmission connected projects, each 200MWh, currently in commissioning in West Texas, with all capacity expected to be operational before the 2022 summer peak season in ERCOT.

The commencement of Flower Valley II’s commercial operations is a significant milestone in Jupiter’s previously announced plan to build and operate more than 650MWh of energy storage capacity in ERCOT.

“We are thrilled to announce the commencement of commercial operations at our largest battery to date,” said Andy Bowman, Chief Executive Officer, Jupiter Power. “Our utility-scale energy storage projects provide fast-responding, dispatchable energy that is essential for allowing the grid to better match renewable resources with customer demand.  Jupiter Power is committed to pioneering strategies that both make the grid more resilient and bring the most affordable energy to customers when and where they need it, not just in the ERCOT market but also across the country.”

“Jupiter’s innovative approach to energy storage focuses on finding locations on the grid where dispatchable electricity resources may be called upon to relieve areas of congestion and increase resiliency for consumers,” said Kellie Metcalf, Managing Partner, EnCap Investments.

“Projections show that Texas will continue to lead the U.S. in the addition of wind and solar generation,” said Bill Flores, former U.S. Congressmen, Energy & Commerce Committee. “Renewable resources, however, add increasing complexity and reliability challenges to grid management, but the addition of significant energy storage and related technologies will help mitigate these challenges to help improve grid resilience and reliability as part of an ‘All of the Above’ energy solution to provide power while reducing emissions.”

Source: Company Press Release