Jan De Nul, together with its consortium partners LS Cable & System and Denys, has secured contracts for two 525HVDC cable systems for the two grid connection systems BalWin4 and LanWin1.

The Belgian engineering company secured the two contracts from Dutch transmission system operator TenneT, as part of a long-term framework agreement signed earlier this year.

The scope of works under the contracts includes the design, manufacturing, transport, installation, protection and testing of three 525kV cable systems.

The cable systems are intended to connect the offshore wind farms to the onshore grid through the BalWin4 and LanWin1 grid connections.

Jan De Nul will be responsible for the transport, installation, burial, and protection of the offshore cables.

The engineering company will use its specialised vessels and assets, such as the Fleeming Jenkin, and its recently ordered XL cable-laying vessel for the contract.

LS Cable & System will design, manufacture, terminate and test all cables, while Denys will undertake civil and cable pulling scope related to the onshore cable routes.

The three companies will design, manufacture, transport, install, protect, and test more than 1,000km of HVDC for the two projects, a part of TenneT’s 2GW Programme.

The offshore cable systems for BalWin4 and LanWin1 grid connections will run across the Wadden Sea and will be connected to the extra-high voltage grid in Unterweser.

The grid connections will facilitate the transmission of renewable electricity from offshore wind farms with a total capacity of 4GW to be fed into the German grid.

Furthermore, BalWin4 and LanWin1 grid connections are also a part of the 2GW Programme.

Jan De Nul Group offshore cables manager Wouter Vermeersch said: “We are delighted to sign these first two projects under the partnership frame agreement we signed earlier this year with TenneT.

“This marks an important milestone in support of TenneT’s 2GWProgram and the construction of the energy transition. We look forward to providing delivery excellence of these projects within the challenging North Sea environment together with TenneT and our partners.”