Keppel Data Centres, Chevron, Pan-United and Surbana Jurong have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop end-to-end decarbonisation process in Singapore.

The collaboration, which is supported by the National Research Foundation, allows the partners to harness their combined resources, knowledge and capabilities to accelerate the development of a highly integrated clean and energy efficient carbon capture, utilisation & sequestration (CCUS) system.

The new CCUS technologies would contribute to the Singapore Government’s long-term strategy to halve emissions from its 2030 peak to 33MtCO2e by 2050.

Four firms to work on developing mature carbon capture technologies

Under the terms of the MOU, Keppel Data Centres, Chevron, Pan-United and Surbana Jurong will jointly explore, identify and develop mature carbon capture technologies while using novel technologies that utilise cryogens, membranes and hydrogen.

Keppel Data Centres parent company Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation CEO Thomas Pang said: “The CCUS technologies are scalable and can potentially be implemented in Keppel Data Centre’s local and overseas operations, as well as other parts of the Keppel Group, thus contributing to the circular economy and advancing climate action.”

In order to further the development of the CCUS technologies, the four companies will leverage their capabilities with other research partners, Institutes of Higher Learning and international.

Chevron Singapore Country chairman Law Tat Win said: “These efforts take us a step further along in Singapore’s and the energy industry’s long-term, low-emissions development strategy.”

NRF CEO Low Teck Seng said: “CCUS also presents opportunities for converting carbon dioxide into novel chemicals, materials and fuels, offering potential in growing new industries.

“This MOU demonstrates commitment from both industry and researchers to co-develop innovative solutions to achieve Singapore’s long-term carbon goals of net-zero emissions.”

Recently, Keppel Data Centres and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific have signed a MOU to assess ways to implement the hydrogen powered tri-generation plant concept for data centres in Singapore.