Iberdrola and the Asturian business group Exiom continue their steps towards the materialisation of the project announced at the beginning of the year for a solar panel factory in the Asturian municipality of Langreo.  The first equipment for the production of photovoltaic modules was unloaded.

This is the first batch of specialised machinery that has been received at the facility, consisting mostly of laminating machines, which are necessary for one of the main processes in the manufacture of this type of product.

At the same time, on the site, located in the municipality of Langreo, work is continuing on the refurbishment of the factory’s infrastructures, adapting the former steel industry facilities to a production line that will have a capacity of 500 MW of photovoltaic panels per year.

The project arose following a strategic alliance in February 2023 between Exiom and Iberdrola, through which both companies seek to lead the manufacture of solar panels in Spain. The factory will become the first large photovoltaic module plant in the country and will also be one of the pioneers in Europe.

The planned investment amounts to 20 million euros, contributing to the economic reactivation of the mining basins through the creation of 115 direct jobs in the area.

The agreement with Exiom responds to Iberdrola’s efforts to attract part of the value chain linked to renewable energies to Spain. Specifically, solar energy. The aim is to make Spain a spearhead for leading this emerging sector in Europe.

Exiom is also a 100% Spanish-owned manufacturer, with origins in Asturias itself, and one of the only European groups to appear on the prestigious list of Tier 1 manufacturers.

The opening of this new factory in Europe responds to the interest of both companies in achieving competitive manufacturing at EU level, focused in a first phase on solar panels with the possibility of extending the collaboration to other components of the photovoltaic value chain.

Furthermore, the initiative reinforces the commitment of both companies to industrialisation associated with the energy transition as reflected in the ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’, recently presented by the European Commission.

Iberdrola’s commitment to a sustainable energy model is part of its PERSEO programme to promote the development of start-ups and innovative industrial companies working in new areas of electrification and in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise.

40 million, through the Perseo Venture Builder, specifically to launch industrial initiatives that can be developed in the field of energy transition.

Since its creation in 2008, PERSEO has invested 175 million euros in businesses that develop innovative technologies, focusing on those that improve the sustainability of the energy sector through further electrification and decarbonisation of the economy.