AFC Energy partners with ACCIONA to deploy zero-emissions fuel cell system on Spanish construction site


The deployment of hydrogen powered system comes as part of a wider strategy by both companies to bring renewable energy to the construction sector across Europe. (Credit: Pixabay/bridgesward)

AFC Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has today announced a collaboration with major Spanish construction company ACCIONA to install its zero-emissions H-Power generator on a construction site in Spain next year. The deployment of the hydrogen powered system comes as part of a wider strategy by both companies to bring clean, renewable  energy to the construction sector across Europe and highlights the pivotal role hydrogen will play in the post-COVID transition to a cleaner economy.

As governments continue to look for ways to meet net-zero commitments, decarbonisation of the construction sector has become an important objective in the fight for better air quality. With renewed attention being given to air pollution in our cities post-lockdown, the need for zero-emission alternatives to off-grid diesel generators has never been greater. The only emission from AFC Energy’s hydrogen powered generator is water.

“The construction industry is one of the largest sources of pollution in our cities and, as we emerge from lockdown, needs to take action to speed up its transition to a zero-emissions future,” said Adam Bond, CEO of AFC Energy. “Innovation in the off-grid power sector will be crucial in cleaning up the construction industry and helping cities meet net-zero objectives. Our collaboration with ACCIONA is yet another vote of confidence in the important role hydrogen will play in the fight for better air quality on and around construction sites as we move towards a cleaner economy post-COVID.”

The generator will be deployed on the Spanish construction site initially as a containerised 160kW system. In addition to the system deployment, ACCIONA will be supplied with a battery energy storage system (BESS) and an ammonia cracker from which hydrogen fuel will be derived. These systems will be operated alongside the H-Power generator to validate the technical and economic viability of the system as a basis upon which future collaborations with ACCIONA will be premised.

AFC Energy’s containerised L series of fuel cell technologies is expected to be scalable to 400kW of nameplate capacity and with its new high-power density S series, this containerised nameplate is expected to rise to 2MW systems by the end of 2022.

Source: Company Press Release