Honeywell’s UOP Russell business has won a contract to supply a 200MMcfd cryogenic gas processing plant to Texas-based midstream firm Navitas Midstream Partners.


Image: Honeywell to deliver cryogenic gas processing plant to Navitas Midstream. Photo: courtesy of David Joseph Photography/

The UOP Russell modular cryogenic plant will be used for filtering out natural gas liquids (NGLs) from natural gas produced from various counties in the Midland Basin.

Honeywell said that the contract calls for the design and supply of the gas processing plant along with refrigeration and dehydration units.

The cryogenic plant will feature the Honeywell UOP MolSiv unit for removing impurities and water to ensure high quality in the processed natural gas.

Honeywell further said that the design of the plant will optimize project schedules and will be customized to suit the unique gas composition in the Midland Basin.

Particularly, it will be designed to accommodate the NGL-rich gas produced in the basin.

Honeywell UOP Russell general manager Neil Eckersley said: “Navitas Midstream has selected UOP Russell technology because we can customize pre-engineered equipment, which speeds delivery and assures greater reliability and familiarity with the units.

“We’re delivering a plant that’s designed for the rich feed gas composition in the basin and that recovers NGLs at high rates with consistently high uptime.”

Honeywell claims that the low capital and operating expense and high NGL recovery of the cryogenic gas processing plant will help Navitas to address the processing requirements of the gas producers, while also making sure of meeting the downstream pipeline specifications.

According to the company, cryogenic gas processing plants cool natural gas until the heavier NGLs are converted into liquids like propane, ethane and butanes. The produced NGLs are used as fuels, fuel blending components among other valuable petrochemicals.

In April, Caprock Midstream had ordered a high-recovery cryogenic gas processing plant from Honeywell UOP Russell business for its Pecos Bend facility in West Texas.

The gas processing plant will be capable to produce 99% of ethane and 100% of propane and heavier hydrocarbons from natural gas sourced from the Permian Basin.