Everfuel expects to assume operation of the station in Hvam in late 2020 or early 2021


Everfuel to acquire H2CO AS from Uno-X and take over two hydrogen fueling stations in Norway. (Credit: Susan Sewert from Pixabay.)

Everfuel A/S has signed an agreement to acquire H2CO AS, an Uno-X owned company, which has two hydrogen fueling stations and hydrogen distribution assets in Norway.

The hydrogen stations are located at Hvam, just northeast of Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city, and in Åsane, just north of Norway’s second largest city Bergen. Everfuel expects to assume operation of the station in Hvam in late 2020 or early 2021, and the Åsane station a few months later, subject to potential impact from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions. Final closing of the agreement is expected in December 2020.

“We have a stated ambition of making green hydrogen commercially available across Europe. Norway plays a key part in reaching that ambition and we are eager to start offering hydrogen to existing and new customers,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel.  “The hydrogen stations at Hvam and Åsane is our first step into the Norwegian market. Our plan is to establish further stations in Norway to support private users and enterprise customers with their fleets of taxies, trucks and buses.”

“We recognize the efforts made by Uno-X to pioneer hydrogen fuel in the Norwegian market, and we are pleased to take over and continue developing green hydrogen solutions for zero emission mobility in Norway,” Jacob Krogsgaard added.

Uno-X is currently carrying out a thorough review and upgrade of the Hvam and Åsane hydrogen stations in cooperation with Nel. The stations will be fully operational and approved by the required authorities before formal handover. Everfuel will at that time assume full responsibility for operation and maintenance of the stations.

Source: Company Press Release