Once operational, the wind farm will be able to produce 111GWh per year and supply 52,000 people with renewable energy


The Vannier-Amance wind farm is developed and built by Velocita Energies. (Credit: Ed White from Pixabay)

Envision Energy has announced the finalisation of the sale of the Vannier-Amance wind project to The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG).

Located in 3 communes of Haute-Marne (52) to the south-east of Langres, the Vannier-Amance wind farm will comprise 17 Envision EN131-2.5MW wind turbines.

It is developed and built by Velocita Energies, the French subsidiary of Envision Group.

Once operational, it will be able to produce 111GWh per year and supply 52,000 people with renewable energy.

Construction has already started on the project and will continue throughout the year until the summer of 2021.

Envision Europe CFO Dorothée Privat said: “We are very pleased that TRIG has placed full trust in us by investing a second time in a fleet equipped with Envision wind turbines. This marks a new step in the partnership between our two organizations.”

Vannier-Amance project to be commissioned in 2022

Financed by both French and European banks via non-recourse financing, the Vannier-Amance project is the second Envision wind farm.

According to the company, it will follow in footsteps of the 40MW Entre Tille et Venelle wind farm in the Burgundy-Franche-Comte region, which also utilizes Envision’s EN131-2.5MW wind turbines and was also acquired by TRIG.

The Vannier-Amance project is expected to be commissioned in the spring of 2022.

Velocita Energies will handle operation and maintenance of the wind project over a period of 25 years.

Velocita Energies CEO Eric Caradec said: “This second Envision wind farm demonstrates a deep and continued commitment towards supporting the energy transition in France, and the investment by TRIG attests to the quality of our projects and our services.

“Envision’s smart turbine technology has proven its ability to efficiently address low wind speed areas, unlocking new territories for wind energy generation.

“After this sale, we will continue to provide our know-how to ensure excellence through construction, operation and maintenance of the fleet for years to come with the support of Envision Digital’s world-leading AIoT monitoring and optimization solutions.”