The scope of contract works will include the design, engineering, procurement, and commissioning of the FLEXINVERTER solar power station, a key component of GE’s Renewable Hybrids FLEX portfolio


Nigde Bor solar power plant is part of YEKA- GES4. (Credit: GE Renewable Energy)

Ecogreen Energy has contracted GE to deliver its FLEXINVERTER Solar Power Station technology for the proposed 130MWp, 100MWac Nigde Bor Solar power plant in Nigde, Turkey.

The scope of works under the contract will include the design, engineering, procurement, and commissioning of the FLEXINVERTER solar power station.

FLEXINVERTER solar power station is an integrated solution from GE that combines a solar inverter, a medium voltage power transformer, and an optional MV Ring Main Unit.

The smart technology solution is said to provide a reliable, cost-effective, plug-and-play, factory-integrated power conversion platform for utility-scale solar and storage applications.

Ecogreen is developing the Nigde Bor Solar power project under the YEKA- GES4 tender, which has been launched by Turkey’s Ministry of Energy, last year.

The project will help Turkey expand its renewable energy resources and commission 10GW of solar capacity between 2017 and 27, said GE.

GE renewable hybrids CEO Prakash Chandra said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ecogreen Energy on the projects and look forward to more opportunities to increase the penetration of renewable energy in Turkey and beyond.”

Inogen managing partner professor Ali Murat Soydan said: “We are very happy and proud to partner with GE and support the company with local capability in Turkey.”

GE said that FLEXINVERTER is a key component of GE’s Renewable Hybrids FLEX portfolio, designed to meet customer needs through multiple applications.

It helps reduce capital and operation costs, to ensure a more reliable plant performance and includes the FLEXRESERVOIR and the FLEXIQ technologies.

The FLEXRESERVOIR is an integrated battery energy storage and power electronics solution that comes with multiple configurations and market applications.

FLEXIQ is a digital platform that provides design, operation, and fleet management solutions to enable grid compliance and maximise lifetime customer value.

GE will work with Inogen, as part of the supply and services contract, for an extended scope of equipment beyond inverter stations and commissioning services.

Inogen will execute the local works under the EPC scope and will also work with GE after the completion of the 1.3GW YEKA and Hybrids projects in Turkey.