A redevelopment of the Tyra field was sanctioned by the DUC in 2017 due to seabed subsidence


The Tyra field is located in the Danish waters of North Sea. (Credit: D Thory from Pixabay)

Norwegian Energy Company (Noreco) and its partners have postponed the first production from the $3.3bn Tyra Redevelopment project in the Danish waters of North Sea, from 2022 to second quarter of 2023 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The firm, however, said it would complete the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC)-operated Tyra Redevelopment project, within budget.

DUC is a partnership between the operator Total with 43.2% stake, Noreco with 36.8% interest and Nordsøfonden with 20% stake.

The local governmental restrictions amid Covid-19 have affected the schedule of the new Tyra topsides at the fabrication yards, including through the global supply chain delivering topsides’ key components.

As a consequence, the installation of the four new topsides has been rescheduled from 2021 to 2022.

Claimed to be the largest gas condensate field in the Danish Sector of the North Sea, the Tyra Field facilities process more than 90% of the Danish gas.

A redevelopment of the Tyra field was sanctioned by the DUC in 2017 due to seabed subsidence.

The Tyra Redevelopment project involves the removal and decommissioning of the prior Tyra platforms, reuse and 13m extension of the current jackets at six platforms featuring new topsides and a new process platform and a new accommodation platform.

Tyra Redevelopment project to have 60,000 boed production capacity

Upon commissioning, the Tyra Redevelopment project is expected to have a peak production capacity of approximately 60,000 barrels of oil-equivalent a day (boed).

In August, Allseas said it heavy lift vessel Pioneering Spirit has removed the processing and accommodation topsides and flare jackets for the Tyra redevelopment project.

Under a contract, Allseas is responsible for engineering, preparation, removal, transportation, load-in to shore and recycling of the Tyra East Alpha (TEA) and Tyra West Alpha (TWA) topsides and jackets, integrated production facilities (IPF) module along with two flare jackets and monopole.