Canadian Solar is planning to build the solar power project using advanced bifacial poly modules, which are capable of generating power from both sides


Image: The solar facility generates approximately 107,748MWh of electricity per annum. Photo: Courtesy of Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay.

Solar PV modules manufacturer Canadian Solar has secured a 51.1MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) project in the Sixth Brazilian Federal Energy Auction (A-4) conducted in June.

Canadian Solar is expected to develop and construct the solar project, which will be located in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais.

Construction at the solar project is expected to start in early 2021,  with commercial operations anticipated to begin before January 2023.

Canadian Solar to install bifacial poly modules for the project

Canadian Solar intends to construct the Brazilian Solar power project using its advanced high efficiency bifacial poly modules.

The bifacial modules provided by the company are capable of generating power from both sides, to significantly boost the power output from a solar power system.

Canadian Solar chairman Shawn Qu said: “We are proud to be the only company that has been successful in winning projects in all six federal energy auctions held to date in Brazil. It shows our long-term commitment to solar in Brazil and to initiate the investment in mix-models with revenues coming from both regulated and free markets.”

The solar project will feature approximately 130,000 Canadian Solar BiHiKu modules, with each module producing more than 400W.

Once operational, the solar facility generates approximately 107,748MWh of electricity per annum, and half of the electricity generated is purchased by two utilities under 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs).

The two PPAs are awarded at an average price of approximately $19.37/MWh (£15.5/MWh), and the remaining power is purchased under a long-term private PPA.

In June 2019, Canadian Solar signed a module contract with Solarcentury, an international solar power company, to provide 500MW modules for Cabrera and Talayuela Solar projects in Spain.

The 200MW Cabrera project is expected to be constructed in Alcalá de Guadaira, located approximately 17km southeast of Seville, Spain. The 300MW Talayuela Solar project is planned to be constructed in the Extremadura region of Talayuela in Spain.