The entire electricity produced at the Cricket Valley Energy Center will be sold to the energy market of NYISO

Bechtel Cricket Valley Energy Center

Bechtel completes construction of the Cricket Valley Energy Center, which will power more than a million homes with 1,100 MW of low-carbon energy in New York state. (Credit: Bechtel Corporation.)

US-based engineering and construction company Bechtel has announced the completed of the 1,100MW Cricket Valley Energy Center in New York, US.

Located in Dover, New York, the combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) uses advanced emissions-control technology for improved efficiency.

The facility is located at an abandoned industrial site and extends in more than 193 acres.

The power generated by the facility will be used to supply low-carbon and reliable power to one million homes in the state.

Construction on the new facility was commenced in July 2017

Bechtel Cricket Valley project manager Joe Collins said: “The Cricket Valley Energy Center is a significant advancement in the goal of delivering more reliable low-carbon energy to New Yorkers.

“We are proud to support Advanced Power as a valued partner in moving the industry toward more environmentally safe technologies.

“There is no silver bullet to achieving net zero, but we continue working with our customers to help the industry move faster in that direction.”

Bechtel commenced construction on the Cricket Valley Energy Center in July 2017.

The facility is equipped with three combustion turbines each paired with a heat recovery steam generators, steam turbine generator, as well as other ancillary equipment that were supplied by General Electric.

It has significantly contributed to the local economy by awarding over $400m of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts to local.

The project has created more than 1,100 jobs, the majority of them were local people, during the peak construction phase.

The completed facility will now support 25 permanent jobs.

The entire electricity produced at the Cricket Valley Energy Center will be sold to the energy market of New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).