Ball Aerospace has signed an exclusive agreement to provide airborne methane monitor sensors and data analytics tools, such as data visualization and processing capabilities, to Carina RST.

Pipeline sunset.

Image: A pipeline project. Photo: courtesy of utgunned21/

“Ball’s methane monitoring technology leverages more than 30 years of experience developing laser technologies and remote sensing capabilities proven across multiple markets,” said Brad Tousley, vice president and general manager, Commercial Aerospace and Strategic Technology, Ball Aerospace. “We are excited to have an exclusive teaming agreement with Carina RST to provide Ball’s latest methane monitoring technology and specially configured data analytics tools, which will deliver methane monitoring services to customers.”

The Ball-developed and manufactured methane monitor uses active laser spectroscopy techniques to identify atmospheric methane. This remote sensing technology can gather spatial resolution column measurements of methane above background with good sensitivity to identify discrete emission sources and deliver rapid results to enable visual assessment of leak sources. An individual sensor allows for daily surveillance of up to 100 square miles of oil and gas production regions, or 375 miles of transmission pipeline.

Applicable across a variety of applications, the methane monitor offers a cost-effective commercial technology capable of rapidly monitoring large areas of oil and gas production facilities and miles of pipeline to detect methane leaks, providing critical protection to families and homes and ensuring the health of the nation’s valuable oil and gas infrastructure.

The Carina RST business is focused on delivering a new industry standard of practice for methane monitoring as a service to oil and gas producers, gathering and processing data for businesses and pipeline and utility companies distributing natural gas to end clients. With reliable constant monitoring and high refresh rates, Carina RST surveys of large basin-wide contiguous regions will deliver to client subscribers cost-effective high-resolution methane maps of its leaseholds and facilities. Carina RST data analytics solutions and rapid automated alerts will provide precise geo-location and notification of fugitive methane emissions to facilitate rapid response leak repairs.

Source: Company Press Release