Argosy Minerals has commenced lithium carbonate production operations at its industrial scale pilot plant, part of the Rincon Lithium Project - located in the “Lithium Triangle” in Salta Province, Argentina.


Image: Rincon Lithium Project – Industrial Scale Pilot Plant Production Operations. Photo courtesy of Argosy Minerals Limited.

The  production  operations  comprise  the  continuous  processing of  concentrated  lithium  brine,  sourced  from  the  operational  evaporation  ponds  at  the  Project  area,  within  theindustrial scale pilot plant using the Company’s proprietary and exclusive chemical process to produce 99.5% lithium carbonate product.

The  company  will  produce  and  store  the  Li2CO3  product  until  ready  for  shipment,  then  arrange  the  transport  of  product  parcels  for  sale  under  the  Sales  Agreement  executed  in  March 2019.

Argosy Managing Director, Jerko Zuvela said “Yesterday  was  a  memorable  and  significant  achievement  for  the  Company  –    becoming  a  small-scale lithium  carbonate  production  company in South America.

“I  can’t  understate  the  enormous  contributions  and  expertise  of  all  our  staff  to  reach  this  milestone  in  such  a  short  timeframe.  We  are  at  a  distinct  advantage  to  our  peers  – having successfully proven   our   chemical   processing   capability   in   producing   99.5%   lithium   carbonate  product  and secured a  reputable  international  customer  to  purchase  our  product.

We  are  excited  to  continue  progressing  with  our  fast-track  development  strategy  toward commercial scale production.”

The Company continues working towards the 2,000tpa modular operation as the next step in  the  scale-up  development  of  the  Project.  In  addition  to  expecting  regulatory  approvals  for this stage of work in due course following recent meetings, Company executives will be attending  strategic  meetings  in  Japan  this  month to  further  advance  interest  from  such  strategic   parties   for product   off-take   and   the   potential   modular   scale   and/or   full   commercial project development with associated capex funding/investment.

Source: Company Press Release