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Anglo American awards to Corinth Pipe works pipeline project in Chile. (Credit: Tim Hill from Pixabay.)

Cenergy Holdings announces that its subsidiary Corinth Pipeworks Pipe Industry SA, has been awarded a contract by Anglo American Sur S.A. for the manufacture and supply of steel pipes for the Los Bronces Pipeline Replacement project. The contract, covering the pipe material for the 35km slurry pipeline in Chile, includes the supply of 24” LSAW pipes in heavy wall thickness up to 31.75mm and three Layer Polyethylene (3LPE) Coating. The overall quantity of 13,700Tn of steel pipes will be manufactured within 2020 at Corinth Pipeworks’ plant in Greece.

The pipeline is located in the Andean Mountains at an average altitude of 3,500m above sea level and the pipes will require extremely strict geometrical tolerances to ensure uniform flow through the entirety of the pipeline. This award in South America confirms the leading position of Corinth Pipeworks for pipeline projects all over the world.

Source: Company Press Release