The floating solar plant is located on the lake in the old quarry in Piolenc, Vaucluse in southern France


Image: Construction of the floating solar plant started last September. Photo courtesy of andreas160578 from Pixabay.

French renewable energy Akuo Energy has commissioned the 17MW O’MEGA1 floating solar plant in Piolenc, Vaucluse, southern France.

Capable of powering 4,373 homes, the floating solar plant has 47,000 solar PV panels and occupies an area of 17 hectares and will enable to offset 1,093 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The plant uses Hydrelio solar panels, developed by Ciel & Terre and deployed on the lake in the old Piolenc quarry.

Construction of the floating solar plant started last September. It was constructed by Bouygues Energies Services.

The floating solar plant could reduce land use conflicts

The floating system is expected to reduce conflicts over land use, and can be installed on flood and irrigation overflow lakes and drinking water reservoirs, industrial pools, flood plains and quarry lakes.

The O’MEGA1 solar facility is equipped with Hydrelio by Ciel & Terre floating structure, for which Akuo Energy is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor in France.

Akuo Energy chairman and co-founder Eric Scotto said: “Today, as well as inaugurating Europe’s largest floating solar plant, we are showing that fighting climate change requires a collective effort.

“With my fellow independent producers and green electricity supplier Plüm, we are playing an integral role by enabling every citizen who opts for green electricity of controlled origin to become a genuine player in the energy transition, by thus supporting the development of renewable energy in our country.

“It is now up to citizens to choose their energy mix. Producers, suppliers, citizens, join us: our success depends on the strength of our community!”

As per the French energy company, the floating solar plant’s commissioning has provided seven independent power producers and electricity supplier PLÜM with an opportunity to roll out the brand Électricité Verte d’Origine Contrôlée (green electricity of controlled origin).

The offer guarantees its future clients 100% renewable energy generated exclusively in France.