The new equipment will replace four previous heat exchangers supplied by Air Products in 1977

Air Products LNG Heat Exchanger

A completed LNG heat exchanger manufactured at Air Products' Port Manatee facility is being loaded on a carrier at the Port of Manatee for shipment to the customer. (Credit: Air Products.)

US-based industrial gases company Air Products has secured a contract from Sonatrach, African oil and Gas Company, to supply cryogenic heat exchangers for its LNG facility in Algeria.

Under the contract, the company will be responsible for the supply of four of its MCR Main Cryogenic Heat Exchangers (MCHEs) for Sonatrach’s GL1Z LNG facility located in Arzew.

The four MCHEs with 1.3 million tonnes per year production capacity of each will replace four previous heat exchangers which were also supplied by Air Products in the late 1970s.

Air Products said that the equipment will be installed at the heart of the proprietary AP-C3MR propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant liquefaction process at the multi-train facility.

Air Products will build the equipment at its Florida manufacturing facility

Sonatrach CEO Toufik Hakkar said: “Air Products’ supply, installation, supervision, and commissioning of the four MCHEs is part of Sonatrach’s plan to revamp its LNG plants built in the 1970s.

“This project will help reduce maintenance costs, reduce gas consumption rates and maintain LNG gas production at the GL1Z plant.

“We have confidence in the expertise and capacity of Air Products as a Sonatrach LNG technology traditional provider, and as a partner in the gas industry to manage the contract in a way that matches our plan.”

In addition to the supply of the equipment, Air Products will also carry out the installation of the heat exchangers and will provide advisory services and engineering studies.

The company is planning to build the LNG heat exchangers at its Port Manatee, Florida manufacturing facility.

In July this year, Air Products has announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement (SCA) with ACWA Power and NEOM to build a $5bn green fuel production facility in Saudi Arabia.