The Parnaíba V is a 386MW natural gas-based thermoelectric power project under construction in the Maranhão state of Brazil.

Brazilian integrated energy company Eneva is developing the project with an estimated investment of approximately £222m ($290m).

The construction works on the project were started in the first half of 2019 with the start of commercial operations expected in 2022.

The Parnaíba V power block is designed to utilise the heat produced during the electricity generation process at the Parnaíba I power plant for steam-based power generation, hence doesn’t require additional natural gas.

Location and site details

The Parnaíba V  thermoelectric power project is located in the municipality of Santo Antônio dos Lopes, in the Brazillian state of Maranhão.

The project site lies within the existing Parnaíba I power complex, approximately 290km away from the port of Itaqui.

Parnaíba V thermoelectric power project make-up

The Parnaíba V combined cycle power project will be equipped with a 386MW STF-D600 steam turbine from GE, along with four heat recovery boilers, a condenser, and valves.

The project also involves the construction of a cooling tower and a water treatment plant with a capacity of 2,100m3 per hour.

Construction equipment

The construction of the Parnaíba V power project involves the deployment of two 220 tonnes (t) cranes, and a strand jacks lifting system for lifting and installation operations.

Gas supply

The Parnaíba power complex is supplied with natural gas by Eneva’s subsidiary Parnaíba Natural Gas, which currently produces approximately 8.4 million cubic metres (mcm) of natural gas a day from the Parnaíba Basin.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated by the Parnaíba V thermoelectric power plant will be evacuated and distributed through a 500kV substation at the site.

Contractors involved

Techint Engineering and Construction was awarded an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) turnkey contract 2019 for the development of the Parnaíba V thermoelectric power project in February.

The scope of the contract includes the construction and assembly works of the Parnaíba V facility as well as the conversion of the Parnaíba I power plant into a closed-cycle operation.

General Electric (GE) received a contract worth approximately £80m ($100m) for the supply of turbo-generators equipment for the project.

Flenco Fluid System has been subcontracted by GE Global Parts & Products for the supply of auxiliary systems.

Jema Energy Group, in early 2020, was contracted for the supply and commissioning of critical power systems, including two 2150A rectifier sets and two sets of 100kVA inverters and bypasses.

Forship Engenharia was contracted in 2019 to provide its HMSWeb IT solution for the handover management system (HMSWeb) covering the complete management for quality, construction, assembly, mechanical completion, and commissioning of the project.

Cometto SPMT was contracted to provide loading, road transportation, internal handling, lifting, and positioning services for equipment installation, while Raccordi Forgiati supplied alloy steel outlet fittings for the project in 2020.

Parnaíba V thermoelectric power project background

Eneva won the award for the Parnaíba V power project in the energy auction held by the Brazilian Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) in August 2018.

Parnaíba power complex

The Parnaíba power complex comprises the 676MW Parnaíba I t, the 519MW Parnaíba II, the 178MW Parnaíba III and the 56MW Parnaíba IV operating gas-fired power plants, while the Parnaíba V and the 92MW Parnaíba VI power plants are under construction.