Yesterday, on the last day of the 2011 OpenTAS User Conference, customers were able to get an initial impression of the wealth of new features and optimizations offered. Highlights include the incorporation of the EMCS 2.0 standard, support for 64-bit operating systems and a completely revamped user interface. In addition, this new release of the leading terminal automation and distribution system is already Windows 7-certified.

One of the most important new features in OpenTAS 5.0 is support for EMCS 2.0. On 1 January 2012, a range of new functionalities will be integrated into the new EMCS Version 2.0 release in Germany. Participation in EMCS using the old 1.0 release is likely to be no longer possible from October 2012. With OpenTAS 5.0, the extended function set present in EMCS 2.0 can be used right from the start in January 2012.

OpenTAS 5.0 now also supports 64-bit platforms. This will be especially useful for terminal servers and database installations, which can now use more than 3 GB of RAM, thereby boosting their performance and speed.

Another key change is a major usability facelift that also makes the OpenTAS interface in Version 5.0 more efficient to use. This includes a simplified layout for program windows, which can now be customized precisely to suit the needs of each individual user. The various program screens were also optimized to display only the current data that is required in standard selections. Historical data can then be selected if required.

Some of the many other new features include simplified tank terminal object management, a report management function for the OpenTAS database and fine-tuning for automated processes.

The first presentation of these new features in Hamburg was attended by leading businesses from the German and European oil and gas sector, which were guests at this week’s 2011 OpenTAS User Conference hosted by Implico. One benefit of attendance was the opportunity to contribute feedback and thus influence the further development of OpenTAS.