The global business research company thus recognizes the role that Implico’s integrated, high-end software products play in creating direct added value for its customers, who thereby secure competitive advantages. The official award presentation ceremony was held yesterday in San Jose, California.

The prestigious award is presented in a number of categories. Implico is the recipient in the category "Downstream Distribution Automation Solutions for Oil and Gas industry". With the downstream solution market recently analyzed by Frost & Sullivan, Research Analyst A. S. Udaya Kumar explains the decision to choose the consulting and software company: "Implico understands the end customer’s process and requirements, which enable it to provide an enhanced value proposition, consistently delivering innovative software solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of oil and gas downstream customers. Domain expertise and industry-leading KPI’s delivered through its solutions, coupled with a customer-centric approach, have not only facilitated new market opportunities for Implico, but also led to consistent growth rates of about 12 to 18 percent per year."

In giving other reasons for its choice, Frost & Sullivan also highlighted the fact that the process flow optimizations enabled by Implico’s two industry solutions OpenTAS and SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution (SAP OGSD) make it possible to reduce operating expenses by up to 25 per cent. The research company emphasizes in particular two of the main OpenTAS modules: TMS (Terminal Management System) and RDM (Replenishment and Distribution Management). In selecting the recipients of its award, Frost & Sullivan also looks in particular for ways in which potentially solutions can reduce the customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Frost & Sullivan also sees IDM (Integrated Dispatch Management) – Implico’s logistics solution for intelligent transport planning – as contributing to lower costs, noting that its improved handling of resource capacity utilization can reduce fleet sizes by up to 12 percent.

"The fact that Implico is the only terminal management & automation software solution provider in the world to be a SAP endorsed business partner explains the organization’s focus on delivering customer value," concludes Uday.

Michael Martens, Managing Partner of Implico, is pleased about the award: "We are very honored to receive the Frost & Sullivan Award. It recognizes Implico’s strategy; focusing on our customers and their needs and interests. The award encourages us to continue working on our solutions and services, to offer the Downstream Industries worldwide the best possible customer value."