French energy company Voltalia has placed an order with Siemens Gamesa for the supply of 47 wind turbines which will be used in the construction of a 163MW wind farm in Brazil.


Image: The 47 wind turbines to be installed are the G-132 model made by Siemens-Gamesa. Photo courtesy of Voltalia.

The Ventos da Serra do Mel power plant was secured during the national auctions held in Brazil in December 2017. Each turbine is expected to generate about 3.465MW of electricity.

As part of the supply order, Siemens has agreed to supply its G-132 model. This is the second time that Voltalia has selected Siemens Gamesa to supply turbines for a wind farm in Brazil.

Voltalia CEO Sébastien Clerc said: “The new wind turbine purchase agreement with Siemens-Gamesa kicks off the construction phase of our largest project in Brazil. We are planning to progressively commission the turbines in the course of 2020, up to three years ahead of the start of the 20-year power sale contracts.

“This acceleration will enable us to start selling power on the free market at attractive prices through short-term contracts before the start of the long-term sale contracts. Along with the recent developments in Africa, this launch gives us great visibility on the achievement of our 2020 targets.”

Voltalia said that the signing of turbine purchase agreement with Siemens Gamesa enables the construction of Ventos da Serra do Mel (VSM) wind farm to start.

The wind farm is expected to see progressive commissioning of the turbines in the first three quarters of 2020.

Voltalia said: “The VSM project is another positive development for Voltalia in Brazil’s State of Rio Grande do Norte, a region known for
its exceptional wind conditions.”

Power generated from the wind farm will be sold in the free market, through private short term contracts.

Currently, Voltalia has 433MW of capacity in operation, located in the Serra Branca cluster, São Miguel do Gostoso and Oiapoque.  The company will build projects with 170.4MW capacity in the upcoming years in the Serra Branca
cluster and Oiapoque.