By entering into this agreement Vineyard Wind has agreed to provide the Fall River Redevelopment Authority with $50,000 to begin preparing a study to explore the opportunity of redeveloping the pier for the offshore wind industry


Vineyard Wind announces grant to Fall River Redevelopment Authority to study future use of unused parcel. Photo: courtesy of Steppinstars from Pixabay.

Vineyard Wind and the Fall River Redevelopment Authority (FRRDA) today announced an agreement for the company to support a study that will analyze potential future use of approximately 3.5 acres of a 6-acre parcel owned by the Authority and lies within the Fall River Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan area.

“Vineyard Wind is excited to partner with the Fall River Redevelopment Authority and invest in a study that will consider transforming an unused plot of land into a space for local economic activity,” said Alan Hannah, Deputy CEO of Vineyard Wind. “The offshore wind industry is poised to create jobs throughout the local supply chain by revitalizing ports across Southern New England and we look forward to what this study may tell us about the future use of this parcel.”

By entering into this agreement Vineyard Wind has agreed to provide the Fall River Redevelopment Authority with $50,000 to begin preparing a study to explore the opportunity of redeveloping the pier for the offshore wind industry.

Should the site be upgraded following the study, a transformed pier may serve as a base to store components and support wind technician employees responsible for working on the installation and maintenance of future Vineyard Wind projects. It could also feature docks for crew transfer vessels which will transport crew members to and from the offshore site and host state of the art warehouse operations for all the necessary spares and materials needed to support the project.

“On behalf of the Redevelopment Board, I am looking forward to working with Vineyard Wind to unlock the economic potential at the City Pier, not only for new offshore wind companies but for existing businesses looking to enter the offshore wind industry supply chain ,” said Maria Marasco, Executive Director for the FRRDA.   “The pier can be developed in a responsible way that will create new opportunities for economic growth and provide for a recreational, waterfront venue at the same time.”

“The site is within the Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan and is one of many, waterfront properties along the Fall River waterfront that are very attractive to wind energy supply chain vendors,” said Kara O’Connell, Chairperson for the FRRDA. “Fall River is positioned to be a Southcoast leader in this emerging industry.”

“Massachusetts has significant port assets with the potential to support offshore wind project development and anchor a regional supply chain for the East Coast,” said Stephen Pike, CEO of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. “We applaud the Fall River Redevelopment Authority and Vineyard Wind for this strategic partnership, which represents another example of Vineyard Wind making good on its commitment to bring job creation and economic benefits to Massachusetts as it continues to advance its landmark project.”

“Cities and towns with port facilities can fill a variety of roles for the industry, which when taken together, create a regional hub for development – catalyzing the synergies needed to attract an array of new component suppliers and service providers to a region,” said Liz Burdock, CEO & President, Business Network for Offshore Wind, a national organization focused on delivering education, creating partnerships and advancing the industry.  “That is why it so important the City of Fall River is taking this leadership position in developing one of its central waterfront assets both as an offshore wind industry hub and, for the good of the community, as a refined waterfront public amenity.   With this entry, Fall River joins a short list of its fellow New England ports and terminals that are being developed to support the offshore wind industry and its supply chain,” she added.

“We know that the offshore wind sector is poised to create thousands of well-paying job opportunities in the Commonwealth,” said Laura L. Douglas, President of Bristol Community College, which has locations in Attleboro, Fall River, New Bedford and Taunton, and recently launched the college’s National Offshore Wind Institute. “We at Bristol Community College recognize the importance of collaborations and we look forward to working with the Fall River Redevelopment Authority and Vineyard Wind along with all our partners on the South Coast,”

In April, 2019 the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved long-term power purchase contracts between Vineyard Wind and Massachusetts’ electric distribution companies (EDCs) for the delivery of 800MW of clean offshore wind energy.

Source: Company Press Release