TVI currently holds a 30.66% interest in TVI Resource Development Phils (TVIRD), which owns Balabag located in Zamboanga del Sur


Balabag gold and silver project is located in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. (Credit: Pixabay/Khusen Rustamov)

Canada-based mining company TVI Pacific has announced that construction work has been continuing at the Balabag gold and silver project in Philippines after undertaking several COVID-19 precautionary measures.   

TVI currently holds a 30.66% interest in TVI Resource Development Phils (TVIRD), which owns Balabag located in Zamboanga del Sur. TVIRD also holds 60% stake in the Agata nickel laterite DSO operation.

TVIRD has taken considerable care to ensure that all staff are aware of COVID-19 precautionary measures

TVIRD has included an COVID-19 awareness campaign into its daily review of safety matters with all of its team at site.

TVI chairman and CEO and TVIRD chairman Cliff James said: “We are proud of the commitment the TVIRD teams continue to demonstrate at both our Balabag and Agata sites.  

“The health and safety of the TVIRD personnel and contractors at site is key to ensuring that all TVIRD operations and activities continue without any disruption and we are therefore pleased that all precautionary measures taken to date have proven to be effective.  

“TVI fully supports and commends this commitment and wishes all staff and their families the best of health through the current COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the world.”

According to TVI Pacific, project development at Balabag comprises continuing construction of the processing plant including construction of the cyclone building, installation of the conditioner, flotation cells, catwalk, stairs/railing at the flotation building and ongoing erection of the CIL tanks.

It also involves ongoing power supply works including the switchgear room and troubleshooting/synchronisation testing of three gensets transferred from Canatuan. 

Additionally, the project development at Balabag also includes continued clearing and construction of the Tailings Storage Facility and ongoing construction of permanent accommodations.

TVI Pacific has added that COVID-19 precautionary measures have also been taken at Agata where no disruption in the profitable activities of direct shipping Nickel/Iron mineralised material has been experienced.