McDermott International, along with its partners, Chiyoda International and Zachry, has announced the start of commercial operations at train 3 of the Freeport LNG project.

Owned by Freeport LNG Development, the project is said to feature the world’s seventh largest liquefaction facility.

The first and second trains at Freeport LNG facility have been in commercial operation since mid-December and mid- January, respectively.

McDermott North, Central and South America senior vice president Mark Coscio said: “Congratulations to the entire team for upholding the high safety and quality standards for which we’re known.

“We have previously achieved substantial completion of Trains 1 and 2, and Train 3 now brings our joint venture project to full commercial operation.”

Zachry, McDermott and Chiyoda have entered into a joint venture partnership for Freeport LNG project

Zachry and McDermott have entered into a joint venture partnership in 2011, to carry out the Pre-FEED, followed by FEED works to support the early development stage of the Trains 1 and 2 at the project.

Chiyoda has later joined the joint venture partnership to carry out works related to Train 3.

The project scope includes three pre-treatment trains, a liquefaction facility with three trains, a second loading berth and a 165,000 m3 full containment LNG storage tank.

According to the Freeport LNG Development, the LNG facility has to process more than 2% of the total annual natural gas production in the US, to produce 15mtpa of LNG.

The project is expected to create 24,000 to 30,000 direct and indirect jobs across the US, through increased natural gas exploration, drilling and production, along with incremental expenditures for goods and services in other industries.

Freeport LNG founder, chairman and CEO Michael Smith said: “The start of commercial operations for Freeport LNG’s Train 3 marks the full commercial operation of our $13.5 billion, three train facility. After over five and a half years of construction, which began in December 2014, we are thrilled to now have all three trains operating safely, and capable of producing in excess of 15 mtpa.

“I want to congratulate and thank our teams who have worked diligently throughout our development and construction process, navigating many challenges along the way. Freeport LNG’s success would not be possible without the dedication, hard work and discipline of our employees.”