World's first reversible pumped storage unit with 600 r/min and 350 MW was successfully put into operation


Birdview of Changlongshan Pumped Storage Plant. (Credit: Voith GmbH & Co. KGaAVoith GmbH & Co. KGaA)

Voith Hydro provides two complete power units (5 and 6) to the Changlongshan pumped storage plant in Eastern China. At the beginning of May, unit 5 successfully passed the 15-day trial operation and was officially put into commercial operation. The station has a rated head of 710 m which is among the highest in China. The new unit’s rated speed of 600 r/min with a capacity of 350 MW is a world’s first for such high-capacity and high-head units. There are six units installed in total at the 2.1 GW station located in Anji County, Zhejiang Province. The rated speed of units 1 through 4 is 500 r/min.

Designing and manufacturing machines with such parameters is very complex. However, following its excellent engineering standards, high-quality manufacturing, and precise installation and commissioning at site, Voith Hydro has put the unit in operation successfully and achieved all expected results.

The performance of unit 5 received outstanding feedback from the owners and experts in the industry.

Zhang Chengping, mechanical and electrical Chief Engineer of plant operator, the China Three Gorges Group (CTG) said: “The data showed that the unit meets our excellence criteria and thereby proves that the engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the world’s first 600 r/min with 350 MW unit was successful.”

For Voith, this project marks another important milestone in cooperation with CTG. For almost 30 years, since the construction of the Three Gorges hydropower station in the 1990s, both parties have established long-term cooperative relations in the fields of research and development, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of hydropower equipment. The Changlongshan station is a key project developed by CTG in the field of pumped storage after the Three Gorges, Xi Luo Du, and Wu Dong De hydropower stations. In the future, Voith Hydro will continue to work closely with the China Three Gorges Group to support them in achieving their ambitious CO2 reduction goals – with hydropower.

Source: Company Press Release