Tetra Tech has bagged a $85m single-award contract from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to support enhanced energy security in Ukraine.


Image: A power transmission line. Photo: courtesy of John Smith/Freeimages.com.

The five-year USAID/Ukraine Energy Security through Competitive Energy Markets Program aims to improve the legal and regulatory environment in the energy sector and increase the resilience of energy supplies in Ukraine.

Tetra Tech will provide technical services to support private sector-led energy investments, increased renewable energy generation, and reliable and affordable energy for all Ukrainians.

Specific tasks include developing energy market models to create competitive energy market reforms, completing renewable energy pre-feasibility assessments, and developing creative financial incentive mechanisms to facilitate private sector investment in renewable energy.

Tetra Tech also will collaborate with local organizations in implementing the program to develop Ukraine’s institutional capacity, encourage ownership of results, and ensure sustainability of reforms.

Tetra Tech chairman and CEO Dan Batrack said: “Tetra Tech is pleased to support USAID’s work in Ukraine to improve energy efficiency and supply while stimulating economic growth for the region and its citizens.”

Source: Company Press Release