Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has selected Engineering Consultant Group's (ECG) Predict-It predictive analytics solution for their real time, equipment health remote monitoring technology at their remote monitoring center and Internet of Things (IoT) optimization center.


Image: TEPCO head office. Photo: courtesy of PON at ja.wikipedia.

TEPCO, the largest utility in Japan, generates, transmits, and distributes electricity using hydroelectric, thermal, and nuclear power sources.  TEPCO ‘s new Remote Monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) optimization center will utilize ECG’s Predict-It analytics to detect anomalies across their own domestic thermal power plants operations, such as Chiba, Futtsu, and Shinagawa, as well as other international thermal power station operators.

The monitoring center optimizes performance and reliability of thermal power plants through early anomaly detection, advanced diagnosis, and effective communication of developing issues to end users.  Considered with other software and data analytic platforms, ECG’s Predict-It was chosen to serve as an Early Anomaly Detection solution with the intention of optimizing power plant equipment reliability and maintenance practices.

Predict-It delivers value through the early detection and prevention of equipment health degradation and by providing advanced diagnostic capabilities for troubleshooting.  Predict-It monitors critical equipment in real-time process environments and uses advanced pattern recognition methods to recognize potential faults. If the software identifies a deviation outside of a tolerance limit, it will initiate an event for a subject matter expert to review and investigate. The software leverages machine learning and advanced equipment diagnostics reasoning to provide advanced assessment of the equipment health and potential causes.   The built in Diagnostic Reasoner leverages Bayesian Network technology for modeling of fault-symptom interactions.  The system provides ranked probabilities of likely faults incorporating real-time anomalies along with other condition based health parameters.  The case based networks get more precise as each new fault signature incident is included.

With Predict-It, TEPCO will raise the bar on service, reliability, efficiency, and compliance beyond the plateau levels currently achievable using all other conventional best practices or alternative solution providers.

“TEPCO is leveraging their vast experience in power generation linked with advanced predictive analytics and diagnostics to gain new insights into operational and equipment abnormalities.  Predict-It will complement their engineering and operational focus in the TEPCO remote monitoring center and Internet of Things (IoT) optimization center” said Jim Scavuzzo, Vice President of Product Development at ECG.

Source: Company Press Release