Renewables supplier Sungrow has opened its new facility in Bengaluru, India for the manufacture of inverters with a total capacity of 3GW annually.


Image: Sungrow's new factory in India. Photo: Courtesy of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd

As per the Sungrow expansion plan for the launch of manufacturing plant in the second half of year 2018, the market commitments to Indian market have been fulfilled. The facility will be used for the production of central and string inverters, fulfilling Indian as well as international demands. From this, Sungrow has taken one further step to stabilize its position of the world’s No.1 solar inverter company.

Sungrow is one of the leading inverter companies in India. In the past two years, over 2 GW has been installed by Sungrow India. In response to the growing market demands, Sungrow established the factory in India, which will greatly improve the company’s global delivery capacity and better serve customers.

To some extent, the new factory launched will also reduce the political crisis and PV market implications, restoring market confidence.

Sungrow is always committed to present versatile resources to meet our customers’ needs. This infrastructure will help fulfil the company mission of ‘Clean power for all’ and its vision of becoming a global leader of clean power conversion technology.

Source: Company Press Release